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Introducing Peter Firestone of Jarhead Wine Company

Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

Pictured is Peter Firestone and Nicholas Firestone (CAPT USMC ’11-’15)


I am Peter Firestone, the son of the founder of Jarhead Wine Company, Adam Firestone.

As some may have read, our winemaking took a hiatus when our founder became distracted by his beer making ventures.  Meanwhile, my older brother, Captain Nick Firestone, USMC was swallowed up by business school at Berkeley. That means it has fallen to me to pick up Jarhead Red’s pack and keep marching.  So for the past year, I have been working on reviving Jarhead Red wines and merchandise. This effort is made in tribute to my godfather, Lt Col. Peter Nicholson USMC. Uncle Pete and three fellow Marines were killed when their UC-35D crashed in a training mission for Operation Enduring Freedom.  I was still pretty young then, but his memory lives long.

More importantly, I hope this will continue to keep the conversation alive about The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation.  Since 1962, their mission has continued helping fund the education for the children of fallen Marines and other service members (including each of Uncle Pete’s four children).  The MCSF is unmatched in their efficiency and their award of scholarships has impacted the lives of thousands. Please keep them in your mind (and wallet!) when enjoying Jarhead Red. You can donate directly at



Peter Firestone

Currently on active duty at Jarhead Wine Company