Field Reports

Vintage Update

July 15th, 2018

I am pleased to report that while we have missed two vintages, there is a new vintage in process.  The wine is currently being blended and new vintage labels are ordered. Jarhead needs the kind attention of winemaker Andrew Murray and slotting in this additional work right during harvest is no small sacrifice.  

There are 120 cases forecasted in this lot and we are planning on bottling in mid-September.  More when we know.

 Meanwhile, don’t forget that since 1962, their Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation mission has continued unbroken helping fund the education for the children of fallen Marines and other service members.  The MCSF is unmatched in their efficiency and their award of scholarships has impacted the lives of thousands. Please keep them in your mind (and wallet!) when enjoying Jarhead Red by donating directly at



Peter Firestone

Currently on active duty at Jarhead Wine Company