Field Reports

A Family of Marines

January 23rd, 2011

Sometimes we get motivating feedback that we are inspired to share. On that note, here is a note we just received from a customer named Rae:

Had to send a note your way and say thank you so much for what you do. I have seen the results of efforts 1st hand and need to let you know the impact you and your wine have had on my family. First a little hisory. My father was a Marine, my brother is a Marine and I am a Marine. I recieved an honorable discharge to raise my family as my former husband was in the Corps and with both of us serving, it was no place to raise a family. My father received a medical discharge after they found out that he was hit in the head with a javelin when he was young and now has issues with one leg and is missing a portion of his skull (He lied to get in the Corps). And my older brother just returned from his tour in Afghanistan and is MGySgt with 28 years in. OORAH!!

So with that all said – SEMPER FI and now how you and your wine have helped us. My niece Katie DeYott has recieved the Marine Corp Scholorship twice now and has gone to Washington and spoken at various events promoting the opportunities that are now afforded her. She even met the Commandant. Without your support this scholarship may not be available. She has grown into such a beautiful an amazing young woman and I am so blessed. By doing what you do – whether it is a marathon, donating to a community function, or selling a bottle of wine – you support her and I appreciate that. Thank you. God Bless and Semper Fi.

Thank you, Rae!